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Rental license application

Rental license application

License or registration number?

As a landlord of accommodation in Spain, you are in competition with the hotel sector. In addition, you may be causing local rental prices to rise. We are thinking in particular of cities such as Barcelona, Palma and Valencia. This Life for the ordinary Spaniard becomes more expensive.

For this reason, the Spanish legislature has imposed various restrictions in recent years. Specifically, depending on the autonomous region, you will need a license or a registration number. In addition, municipalities may impose additional restrictions.

Therefore, you may not be able to offer your property for vacation rental. We need to examine this property by property.

Do I always need a license?

In principle, you do not need a license when you rent out without using (online) promotional channels and hotel services. For example, consider renting to family and friends.

Also, if you are renting for periods longer than one month, as for example to hibernators or students, you do not need a license.

In both situations, you will fall under the Spanish regime of common tenancy.


Clients often think that they only pay Spanish taxes when they rent out their vacation accommodation. However, this is not correct. When you rent out your property in Spain, you are obliged to declare your rental income quarterly. And this regardless of the rental regime. On your net rental income you will be taxed as a non-resident in Spain at a rate of 19%. In Belgium, too, you must declare the gross rental value.

Getting your rental license in order is possible for as little as 150€.