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Request Power of Attorney

Request Power of Attorney

What is a power of attorney?

Power of attorney in Spain is a Spanish contract that grants to a third party the authority to act on your behalf in any legal or transactional matter. This power of attorney, which in Spanish is called Escritura de Poder," or "Poder Notarial" is used by individuals who may not be available to attend to certain matters, and who wish to designate a particular person to represent them in a variety of different situations.

When needed?

If you live outside of Spain, are unable to attend certain legal events, or simply prefer to have a representative handle things for you - then a Power of Attorney in Spain is an ideal choice. Not to mention that it is us to mention that it can be a complex and difficult task to navigate a foreign legal system in another language on your own. By giving a power of attorney to a representative, he or she can perform a whole range of legal tasks in your name, including:

Buying and selling real estate

Buying real estate is one of the most common reasons to apply for a power of attorney. It is normal to hire a lawyer when you are doing a real estate transaction. If you want to buy a house in Spain, it is possible that the contract will be negotiated by your lawyer and notary on your behalf. This has the advantage that you do not have to travel to Spain and can handle the process online, the process goes smoothly, and you can be sure that all the documents are in order. In addition, buying a Spanish property can be quite time-consuming and complicated, and everything must be done in Spanish. If you have the right power of attorney to take care of this aspect, you you won't have to worry about things like notarial deeds or registration - that will all be taken care of by your proxy acting on your behalf.

Sale of property - if you own property in Spain but currently live outside the country, consider granting a power of attorney so that a lawyer can act on your behalf when selling the property. The advantages of this are that the sale of your property is not held up by a language barrier, and you do not have to travel back to Spain.

Start a business

Starting a business is also a popular reason for getting a POA in Spain. If you want to start a company or an association, the required notarial deed and registration will probably be arranged for you by your lawyer. This means you don't have to do the legwork and can concentrate on starting a business. In addition, it can save you time, money and effort to have an attorney manage the process.

Handling of any
Inheritance issues

Another reason to consider getting a POA in Spain is for an inheritance issue. If you inherit property from one of your Spanish relatives, it is usually safer if a law firm takes care of that for you, so you don't have to travel and not have to worry about any legal matters.

Obtaining your nie number (spanish id number for foreigners)

Lawyers can help you obtain an NIE number (Spanish foreign identification number) that you need for many things in Spain. This process is generally quite simple, but it can be made more complicated by the bureaucracy of government departments. For example, some services require that specific forms be filled out and signed in person - meaning that you have to travel home if such documents are needed. When a lawyer takes care of everything for you, you don't have to worry about anything.

Handling taxes and payments

Lawyers can help you with the day-to-day handling of taxes and payments in Spain. This means that your lawyer will make sure that all bills are paid on time to avoid late payment fees or other penalties - and will also ensure that the correct returns are filed. This may be worth considering if you live outside of Spain and find it difficult to deal with the paperwork.

Bank accounts and direct debits

Another advantage of the power of attorney is that your representative can open and manage your Spanish bank account for you. If you live abroad, it can be difficult to keep track of the money in a Spanish bank account - which can lead to incorrect charges or other consequences. This particular POA, means that they can manage your Spanish bank accounts and make sure that all the money is transferred to an account that you can easily access.

Obtaining a Spanish

If you live outside Spain and want to obtain a Spanish visa, the POA is the way to go. With that, a lawyer in Spain can handle all the paperwork for you - including registration at the local police station and all documentation from the local town hall.

Conducting litigation

Remember that throughout the various proceedings, the attorney must follow your precise instructions and may be limited to a selection of powers. You are still in complete control of your case, and your trustee acts only on your behalf.

As you can read, powers of attorney can cover a whole range of different areas. Having someone act as your representative in Spain can save you a lot of time, money and effort - and ensure that everything from start to finish runs smoothly.

Utility contracts

When you want to open a utility contract in your name, but can't be there yourself. With the POA, a person can do this for you and make sure all the necessary documents are submitted correctly. This can save you having to travel back or worry having to worry about filling out forms incorrectly. In many cases it is even possible for the Spanish lawyer to.

Of course we work together with our gestor/ lawyer for this.