The buying process

The buying process

The importance of a lawyer

Let us clarify this


The lawyer we work with is:

  • Reliable
  • Has years of experience in the real estate business
  • Is easily accessible
  • Has already built a good reputation
  • Works with other large real estate companies
  • Speaks fluent Spanish, English and Dutch

The buying process

Step 1

If you have found your dream home then we will support you in the negotiation because we as real estate agents often know more about the situation and the reason for the sale.

You can make an offer and we will pass it on to the seller.

Step 2

Pay a deposit to reserve your property so that it can be taken off the market.

Normally this is between 2000 a 6000€ depending on the value of the property.

The deposit is ALWAYS paid to the lawyer for safety reasons.

Step 3

Onze advocaat controleert volgende punten: (Vooral belangrijk bij herverkoop.)

  • Juridische status van de woonst.
  • Schuldenlast op de woning.
  • Zijn alle nutsvoorzieningen en belastingen betaald.
  • Zijn er bouw overtredingen
  • Welke vergunningen zijn er? Verhuurlicentie?

Step 1

The attorney will create a private purchase contract for you that will be legally binding if he gives the green light for a safe purchase.

After signing, it is mandatory that the property be taken off the sales market.

If you rescind the sale, you will lose your deposit.

If the seller is the one who defaults, you are legally entitled to twice the amount of your deposit

Step 2

Get your NIE number (Número de indificatión de extranjeros).Give power of attorney if necessary if you want to carry out transactions from abroad.

This power of attorney you give to trustee and is signed in the presence of a notary. Utilities will be transferred, also garbage tax, insurance...

The SUMA/IBI (similar to land registry in Belgium) will be notified.

The lawyer will make a cost estimate of the total price (purchase price, taxes and other costs).

Step 3

Sign the title deed (escritura)

This is done at the notary, at this stage you also make the final payment and receive the key.

From now on you can pop the champagne!

If you want to, you can do that too!